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Surprise! I'm running the 4th annual iChase the Cure 5K for Kid's Brain Tumors on Saturday

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This is an awesome event sponsored by iChase the Cure - a growing non profit that is involved in a variety of causes, one being pediatric brain cancer research. 
Here is some more information about the organization/event in case you're interested in running and here is the link to my fundraising page if you feel like donating! All proceeds from the run will directly fund a clinical trial at Dana Farber so your money is going right to where it's needed. 
This cause in particular is special to me because I'm interested in becoming a pediatric doctor one day and working with sick kids and this is a small way for me to contribute now. If we all get involved then we can all have the satisfaction of knowing that we're doing something to help and every little bit counts!

PS I haven't run all winter and yesterday was my first almost three-miler of the year...this is either a good "hurry up and get fighting fit" opportunity or Sunday morning I will wake up like:
arrested development, gob bluth, mistake


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