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Partner's Healthcare Sustainable Champion Award 2013!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I just wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate my awesome friend +J. Dominic Mancini on being selected to receive the Partner's Sustainable Champion Award this year! Dom is one of my currently-applying-to-medical-school friends and also happens to be one of the smartest and most dedicated people I know. One of things I've always really liked about Dom is how he works so hard to make the world a better place and a big part of that is caring for the environment. I remember him telling me forever ago about a "Going Green" initiative he was hoping to start up at his lab at Brigham & Women's that would help lower the amount of waste generated and introduce recycling as an alternative and I was impressed. It encouraged me to do a better job in my own life of reducing my carbon footprint, something I've always been hyper aware of (probably a residual effect of being a Vermonter) but have started to slack off on in the past year. Hearing about Dom's work was a great reminder that it doesn't take much to recycle paper instead of toss it in the bin, consume less waste and generally make more of an effort to take care of the earth. So congratulations Dom, for a job very, very well done - with your kind of creativity and the hard work you put into projects like this it's easy to see you're going to make a fantastic doctor.
For more information on Dom's successful recycling project at the Brigham, check out this article!

Dominic Mancini
Dom posing like a boss next to some new recycling bins at the Brigham


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