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National Science Foundation Press Release

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday babies! Today is super exciting for many reasons - it's almost the weekend, I have a million favorite people coming to visit, the weather is beautiful - but the latest exciting news is that I got an email from Julia with a link to this awesome press release from the NSF about our research! If you had a hard time muddling through the abstract that I posted yesterday then this article will be a lot more illuminating in terms of what our project was actually about so definitely take a look! I'm mentioned right at the very end as a co-author which thrills me. There are also some cool images attached that you can scroll through. Enjoy!
NSF, Elkhorn Slouth, CA, Superoxide
Elkhorn Slough, CA - one of the locations we took samples of water from that contained superoxide-producing bacteria!


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