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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

At least until Saturday, that is! I feel so wonderfully relieved to have my physics final out of the way that it's actually making me less stressed out about the MCAT in two days. And surprisingly, the exam didn't go so terribly. I'm notoriously bad at physics, it takes me a long time to understand the concepts and when I do I struggle with applying them to problems, so I was pretty worried about how it would go last night. Luckily I had some great friends help me study and I felt much more prepared for this test than usual and for once I walked out of the Harvard Science Center feeling like I had maybe actually done OK on a final. Maybe didn't ace it, but don't think I totally bombed it either. I don't get my overall grade for the class back until the 29th but I'm hoping it will be a good one (that way I can go out with a bang, since physics was officially my last pre-med class!). End result is that I am in a fantastic mood and the good weather is only helping. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day!

Van Damme Dancing
pretty much sums up my mood for the day!


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