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New job, new apartment, NEW KITTEN!

Monday, August 18, 2014

I've been pretty busy over the past few weeks with oh so many things but I am happy to say that life is finally beginning to settle down (at least, enough for me to be able to get a quick post in!). Despite the absolutely cutthroat rental market in Chicago, I was able to find a wonderful apartment in the perfect area and finally moved in this weekend. Of course, as usual, there are a few maintenance things that I've already noticed need to be taken care of but I am thrilled to be in a new spot. Adding to that is my excitement and happiness over adopting a tiny ball of fluff otherwise known as Rufus O'Reilly, ginger orphan kitten (please see portrait below). On top of that I just started a new position at Northwestern that I didn't want to post about too early in advance (last Monday was my first day) AND I've been working hard on applications and sending in updates to schools. So basically I've been crazy busy! As everything has started to wind down though I've been thinking a lot about some topics that I really want to open up a discussion about and I have some serious issues on my mind regarding the application cycle and medical school in general so I hope you will all be on the lookout for my next post because I would love some feedback on what I have to say. Oh and please prepare yourselves for future pictures of tiny Rufus because I've already taken about 100 on my phone and I can't fight the need to share them his adorable face with the whole world!

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