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Hellooooo New York!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I've been keeping this news a bit under wraps but I actually got my first interview invitation a while ago and (huge surprise) it was from Hofstra! Hofstra is a new medical school in Long Island which was started within the past three years (they don't actually have a graduating class yet). While for some this might be a huge negative, I actually think this means the school won't be mired in the same kind of issues surrounding worn-out curriculum and ineffective teaching methods that many of the more well-established medical education institutions face. There's already a ton of information on the internet regarding Hofstra's programs and their Step 1 scores are crazy high which is a pretty good indicator that their small group rather than enormous lecture teaching approach is working. I'll be flying out in October for a Friday interview date and I'm really excited!


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