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Ascovime USA

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about such a fantastic project! I've been involved with Ascovime USA for several years through one of their former volunteers who still works closely with the organization. Together we've worked to publicize and raise support for the work that's being done by this wonderful non-profit. Here is a link to their website that I help to maintain where you'll find a history of the project along with more recent information about plans for the future
To provide a little background: Ascovime was started by a Cameroonian surgeon, Dr. Georges Bwelle, who wanted to serve the people in rural villages around his country by providing much-needed healthcare. Every weekend during the rainy season, joined by several volunteers, Dr. Bwelle loads up his van with medical supplies and travels to areas that don't have access to a doctor to set up improvised clinics where he treats patients.
Over the years Ascovime has grown to provide more than just healthcare and has started several off-shoot endeavors to support the development and independence of the Cameroonian people. Their latest enterprise, Project Education, is an effort to provide birth certificates for children so they can attend school (in Cameroon a birth certificate is required to receive an education but many families can't afford the $16 US equivalent that it takes to get one).
Volunteers are warmly welcomed on the project and are given the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Bwelle in the field. I've personally wanted to go to Cameroon ever since I first found out about the possibility  and am hoping that next year I may finally get to go (I'll definitely need to brush up on my French)!
In closing, Ascovime is amazing and deserves your support for so many reasons, the people involved work tirelessly to help the poor and destitute with no thought of recognition or reward. They do it because they care and because they're helping make the world a better place. I am thrilled to be able to help them in a small way by getting word out about this very special cause. I can't wait to volunteer myself and experience the ability to make a difference in a real and tangible way.
If you want to contribute, please consider donating to Ascovime through the website linked to above. If you are unable to donate financially then please repost or retweet  a link to this story so that we can get the word out. Every little bit helps enormously!


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